Speedway Sally: Digital
Domestic Monsters -Cupcake: Digital
Viking Lion: Photoshop
Edward P. Pachyderm: Digital
Domestic Monsters -Buttercup: Digital
T-rex Knitting: Digital
Cecilia: Digital
Cowgirl Mermaid: Digital
Domestic Monsters -Honey: Digital
Elle: Digital
Dark Swan: Digital
Child Mermaid: Digital
Domestic Monsters -Cinnamon: Digital
Cartoon Peacock: Digital
Gold Lame: Digital
Villain for Series: Digital
Dia de los Muertos: Digital
The Mechanic: Digital
Gypsy: Digital
Dad for Series Version 1: Digital
Robin Hood: Digital
Dad for Series Version 2: Digital
Game, Set, Match: Digital
Stormy: Digital
Day at the Saloon: Digital
Retro: Digital
Adrielle: Digital
First Encounter: Digital
Boss Dog: Digital
Bacon!: Digital
Officer Hammel: Digital
Seeing Pink: Digital
Eira: Digital
Attention Getter: Digital
Exploring women designs and styles: Pencil
Cassandra: Digital
Cassandra: Digital
Edward P. Pachyderm: Marker
Tinker P. Weasel: Marker
The King: Digital
The King: Digital
Elle: Marker
Teddy: Marker
Sparkle Bear: Watercolor
Frankie: Marker
Various Bear Characters: Ink
Various Bear Characters: Ink
Various Bear Characters: Ink
Luna Von Voom: Digital
The Scream: Ink
Gracelynn: Ink
Various Characters: Digital
My Towel: Digital
First Recital: Chalk Patel
Lajila: Marker and Ink
Playtime: Marker
Isabella: Chalk Pastel
Caroline: Ink
Angry Clown: Marker
Aristocrats: Marker
Take Flight: Watercolor
Loving: Chalk Pastel
Hawaiian Dream: Watercolor
Diving Deep: Marker
Sunken Treasure: Marker
I Spy: Pencil
Morning Coffee: Marker
Dancing with the Elements: Digital
Hipster Grandparents: Digital with Thumbnail Sketch
Sitting on the Dock: Watercolor
Cinco de Mayo: Marker

Miscellaneous Art

Rooster: Ink
Maned Wolf: Digital
Panda: Charcoal
Goat: Marker and Ink
Gestures: Pencil
Hands: Pencil
Casey: Ink
Elephant: Ink and Marker
Life Drawing: Marker
Marilyn: Marker
Bridge: Watercolor
Gate: Watercolor
Maned Wolf: Chalk Pastels
Tiger: Charcoal 16x20
Otter: Chalk Pastels
Windmill: Watercolor
His Majesty: Chalk Pastel
Zebra: Ink
Seamus: Charcoal
Vikings: Charcoal 9x12
Lion: Charcoal 16x20